Is your child experiencing the challenges associated with ADHD or Autism? Have you tried neurofeedback training for your child? NeurOptimal® is the most advanced form of Neurofeedback training that is non-invasive and is an excellent way to support brain optimisation for your child. With regular sessions, training can lead to improved attention, and mood, better stress management, increased social awareness and much more. We provide systems in the home which make training easy and enjoyable.

NeurOptimal® And Children's Behaviour

Symptoms associated with an inefficient brain can lead to a difficult time carrying out daily tasks. Neurofeedback has been around since the 1950s and with the introduction of NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback in the early 2000s, over 50,000 sessions are run monthly around the world. Demonstrating cutting-edge technology, NeurOptimal has shown to support the management of a range of symptoms.

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Neurofeedback can support the reduction in duration, frequency and intensity of behavioural challenges with regular training. We train the brain for resilience and flexibility, and at the same time,  many of our clients notice feeling more calm, present and focused. This often leads to an overall improvement in mood and a more positive and calm family environment.

Neurofeedback Brain Training For ADHD

Research has shown that neurofeedback training can help manage ADHD symptoms. With NeurOptimal®, the process involves the use of EEG sensors to monitor brain activity. The process is safe since the sensors do not introduce electricity into the brain but simply provide feedback (via interruptions in the music) like a mirror and the brain self-corrects. When training with NeurOptimal® it does not matter whether your child is on medication or not, and we encourage you to keep in contact with your doctor to monitor whether  a medication needs to be adjusted as the brain improves.

Neurofeedback Brain Training For Autism

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is not a cure for Autism and does not treat Autism, but with regular training, it supports the brain to self-correct leading to many changes across a child’s life from emotional regulation, behaviour, mood and general wellbeing.

Some of the improvements noted among Autistic children after going through NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training include:
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The brain can improve its performance if it gets immediate feedback on its current functioning. Medications manage the symptoms of Autism, while neurofeedback can support the brain to naturally self-correct.

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