Are you a restless sleeper? If that’s the case, it’s important to know that lack of sleep hinders the clearing of toxins, hormone production, learning integration, and many more functions. You should therefore make a point of getting a good night’s sleep. NeurOptimal® has shown to support sleep hygiene.

NeurOptimal® is a cutting-edge neurotechnology system that was created to teach your brain how to perform at its peak. In essence, it is a feedback tool that improves the functionality of your central nervous system. Let your brain learn how to recognise and enjoy rest time, and improve your sleep management and routine with this Neurofeedback training.
NeurOptimal Brain Trainer Sleep

Optimal Sleep Using NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback

NeurOptimal®’s dynamical neurofeedback works by measuring brain activity and feeding the results to the user, who then charts a path for better brain function by resetting their patterns. The program entails the  use of neural resources to affect brain function. However, this dynamical Neurofeedback technology is not a form of medical intervention or treatment; rather, it is a painless, optimal brain training tool.

How exactly does it work? EEG sensors are placed on your scalp and others on your ears to pick up the brain’s electrical activity. Your auditory senses pick up interruptions to ‘break up’ consistent and persistent brain activity, supporting the brain to function better in the present. Results are usually reported between 1-5 sessions and with ongoing training further results are realised across a number of areas.

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The first thing most people notice is a substantial enhancement in sleep quality. Sleep is a powerful biological drive and helps in the cyclic process of unwinding before conscious brain activity. When your brain functions better, you’ll find yourself falling asleep effortlessly.

The program also helps you cope with stress which improves your sleeping patterns. And that’s a big deal. Research also suggests that a proper and consistent sleeping routine plays an important role in your wellness and health. When the body gets adequate sleep, the immune system will receive ample rest to fight disease-causing organisms.

Brain training with NeurOptimal® dynamical neurofeedback will therefore significantly improve sleep habits and sleep management.

Benefits of NeurOptimal® Brain Trainer for Your Sleep

The different activities that you undertake during the day need different levels of awareness and consciousness. Consequently, your mind requires great flexibility to switch from one “level” to another – like awakening to sleeping consciousness. This is why training brain flexibility is vital.

Let Neurofeedback with NeurOptimal® support you to address poor sleeping patterns. NeurOptimal®  neurofeedback system engages your central nervous system to develop neural plasticity. A flexible mind adapts more easily to the different changes we encounter every day.

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On the other hand, lack of brain fitness leaves you stressed and drained at the end of the day, leading to poor sleep. That said, with brain training comes natural sleep improvement. People who struggle to get just 30 minutes of sleep can get sleep averaging 5 – 5.5 hours. And why is good sleep so important?

Adequate sleep helps regulate your body weight as well as improve your heart health. Your productivity and mood are also improved when enjoying a longer deeper sleep. The mind also consolidates and processes the day’s eventualities during sleep which boosts your memory.