Benefits Of NeurOptimal® For Athletes

Are you an athlete and feel like you have hit your performance ceiling? Often the brain is neglected when considering improving performance or is marginally considered. An overfocus on the body (i.e. fitness) whilst neglecting the brain can lead to loss of performance through lack of focus, confidence, performance anxiety and poor decision making to name a few. 

More and more athletes are becoming aware of the importance of keeping the brain as fit as the body. NeurOptimal® Brain Training is used by elite athletes including Olympic athletes to improve their performance. It could be the Edge you are looking for.

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NeurOptimal® And Sports

Athletes often express performance anxiety, strained focus, and irregular sleep cycles. Through NeurOptimal® neurofeedback, you can successfully manage these psychological barriers. Eliminating these increases the likelihood of improving physical performance. 

Integrating neurofeedback sessions into sports to enhance an athlete’s performance is easy and with our NeurOptimal® Brain Fitness Program can meet you where you are at, whether that is training at home, at your club or academy. Talk to us about options. 

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Benefits Of Neuroptimal® Neurofeedback Brain Training For Athletes

Athletes generally perform better if their brain functioning is at its best. Neurofeedback supports the brain function more optimally; improving the athlete’s ability to give the best. As a result, every athlete should aim at getting optimal brain function for the following reasons:

Athletes are likely to suffer injuries due to the nature of sports. The severity of an injury can be caused by having single severe damage or minor repetitive injuries over the years. Traumatic brain injury causes athletes to suffer performance anxiety, depression, insomnia, seizures, difficulty in emotional control, and difficulty paying attention. 

 Neurofeedback can support the brain to manage symptoms associated with injury.

Sleep plays a significant role in ensuring an individual’s optimal physical and mental performance. Restorative and recuperative sleep among athletes is necessary to ensure good mental health. Sleep helps athletes maintain good physical health. Neurofeedback helps promote healthy sleep habits, improving the athlete’s overall performance. 

Cognitive decline is typical with the increase in age. Therefore, exercising the brain is as essential as exercising the body. Neurofeedback is an excellent way to exercise the brain and to achieve peak performance.  

Performance anxiety can cause an athlete to perform negatively. Neurofeedback helps athletes to manage and improve emotional perceptions and moods. Reduction in stress helps in increasing focus hence paving the way for optimal performance. 

Sports heavily demand athletes to focus on the task at hand. They must also pay little to no attention to distractions when playing. Neurofeedback aims to improve focus and clarity leading to better decision-making in the moment.  

Train Your Mind And Body With NeurOptimal®!

Are you an athlete looking to optimise your performance? Do you need to manage stress effectively? Using NeurOptimal® neurofeedback can provide you with a mental edge against competitors. 

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