We are often asked: “Who uses NeurOptimal®?”
Our answer: “Anyone with a Brain.”

People train using NeurOptimal® for a variety of reasons including managing stress, increasing calmness & focus, peak performance, and spiritual and personal growth.

Several Neurofeedback systems are on the market today, but NeurOptimal® has always remained the most trusted option. All systems, other than NeurOptimal®, require the practitioner to first make a diagnosis in some way, such as using past medical or psychological history, QEEG, (brain maps), or standardized testing to create a protocol-driven program. With NeurOptimal® there is no need for diagnosis and it works in real-time! It does matter what your diagnosis or symptom is or how old you are, it works like a mirror providing feedback to the brain and the brain self-corrects.

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NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback At Home

Are you among the many who wonder whether it is possible to have neurofeedback training done at home? The answer is yes! However, only a few devices allow it to be done at home safely and effectively. Consider using the fully automated devices you desire to carry out neurofeedback at home. With NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback you can train in the comfort of your home without the travel and challenges of trying to get to an appointment. You get the same results whether training at home or training with a practitioner.

Through the rental plans, you can access all the materials necessary for the training. Within 10 minutes of receiving your system, you can be up and training. That includes regular check-ins and online support offered by NeurOptimal neurofeedback trainers.

Check out the video below that explains how the system works.

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Benefits Of Neuroptimal® Brain Trainer For Your Family

Many people train to help manage symptoms associated with PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Autism, TBI, and sleep issues but did you know that NeurOptimal® neurofeedback presents a wide range of benefits to your personal wellbeing. Here are some of those benefits.

Brain Training And Family Systems

We are all part of a family system and NeurOptimal® provides a great opportunity for all members to benefit. We know neurofeedback can help reduce anxiety, calm brains, help people sleep better, and be more creative. Imagine, though, what might happen if you train all family members; balancing and delicately calibrating the whole kit and caboodle at once. Excellent results will ensue.

“It’s really simple, something we all know if we’re thinking about it, how we’re all interconnected, all in a system, from the newborn to the great-grandpa. So it makes sense, really, to use brain training strategies we know will work for the whole family, to make changes in the context of systems, as only family-systems-based approaches can” (neuroptimal.com)

For as little as $10 per session with our unlimited rental package, we provide the opportunity for you as a family to all train in the convenience of your own home, at your convenience and fully supported.

NeurOptimal® Options

We acknowledge that our clients have different needs and preferences. Among other factors, needs and preferences differ depending on the career, family size, etc. We offer several bundles you can choose from according to your needs. You may decide to rent for as little as $750AUD per month (limited rental option)  or even own your own system for as little as $7,495USD.

Train Your Mind And Body With Neuroptimal®!

NeurOptimal neurofeedback is for all whether you would like to manage symptoms, or improve your personal wellbeing. We offer personal neurofeedback services that suit your needs and preferences. Let us help you train your brain using our training system to ensure that you reap maximum benefits from the sessions and keep track of your progress. We are just a phone call away.