NeurOptimal® Brisbane: Improving Your Brain Function Naturally

We know there are many systems out there in Sydney designed to improve brain function and are very different to NeurOptimal®. NeurOptimal® is the only non-linear neurofeedback system that utilises the newest generation of neurofeedback technology.

The system was specifically created to support your brain to perform at its very best. The system involves monitoring your brain’s activity every single millisecond, and then in real-time feedback is provided to help your brain to self-optimise.

There might be various challenges that you might be dealing with, but with the right feedback at the right time many benefits can be achieved across the whole brain and potential issues could end up dropping away or can be properly managed.

Following are the main benefits of the NeurOptimal® system:

NeurOptimal® works by giving the brain the necessary information it needs to correct itself. As such, it provides natural bespoke training to every user.

NeurOptimal® is a plug-and-play system. There is no elaborate setup required to use the system.

NeurOptimal® focuses on optimising how your brain functions, thereby eliminating the need for diagnoses.

Our system does not use invasive treatment methods. You’ll not have to undergo treatments that expose you to vibration, electricity, or any other invasive treatment. 

Our system utilises Joint Time-Frequency Analysis to accurately capture the event structures of the brain’s electrical activity. This non-linear way of accurately capturing the brain’s activity.

While linear systems require continuous and conscious effort from the participant to be effective, NeurOptimal® does not require active effort from the operator or user.

Unlike linear systems, unwanted signals such as those that emerge from muscle movement do not jeopardise the effectiveness of the NeurOptimal®. Additionally, our system uses continuous de-noising, which enhances the training effectiveness. 

You can use NeurOptimal® to improve different aspects of your brain, including stress reduction, wellness enhancements, job and academic enhancements, spiritual development, creativity enhancements, and much more.

our system does not push your brain to a specific frequency. It respects the process and does not push to achieve the desired goal. Instead, it allows your brain to recognise the changes it needs to take naturally without cohesion.

What Happens In A NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Session?

During a session, you’ll attach an EEG sensor to your head. This device measures your brain activity. The NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback system reads your brain signals about 256 times every second.

When the system detects changes in brain activity, it then notifies your brain of the changes, in the form of interruptions in the music. This system supports your brain to come back to the present moment and self-optimise.

Benefits Of NeurOptimal®

While the overarching benefit of the NeurOptimal® system is to optimise your brain and improve its function, there are numerous individual benefits of using NeurOptimal®. For instance, our system is renowned for enhancing participants’ academic performance, wellness, sports training, spiritual development, creativity, and much more.

Why NeurOptimal® Is The Best

NeurOptimal® is the market’s best brain health improvement system due to several factors. For starters, our system has over 3 million hours of safe and effective use among adults and children.

Our system is also applicable in various environments for different purposes/end goals. For instance, individuals, families, schools, and companies use NeurOptimal® to help users’ brains attain optimal performance.

Finally, our system naturally helps the brain optimise itself through training. As such, NeurOptimal® is a non-invasive effortless system that can improve your brain function and, by extension, your life.

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