NDIS and Neurofeedback

As an NDIS(National Disability Insurance Scheme) participant are you looking to use Neurofeedback to assist you in improving your focus, sleep habits, learning, stress and general wellbeing? Or are you looking for an innovative approach that is non-invasive to support yourself or a family member to manage or reduce symptoms associated with ADHD, autism, anxiety, reactive behaviours and more?

 We are glad you are exploring NeurOptimal® which is the most advanced form of Neurofeedback training that is non-invasive and is an excellent way to support brain optimisation. As the brain learns and functions better, our clients report many issues either dropping away or reducing in duration, intensity and frequency. 


Check out this 5-minute explainer video here to understand how it works

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Benefits

NeurOptimal® is the most advanced form of Neurofeedback training that is non-invasive and is an excellent way to support brain optimisation. With regular sessions, training can lead to improved attention, moods, better stress management, increased social awareness and much more. We provide systems in the home which make training easy and enjoyable. 

Training with NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback

NeurOptimal® is a pleasant experience. The brain does all the work. No conscious effort is required on your part. There is nothing else you need to do other than enjoy the benefits of NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Training. There is no need to control thoughts, emotions, concentration, think of anything in particular or do anything else to make it work better. By the time you have consciously registered the interruption in the music that is played, your brain has already responded to it and self-corrected or optimised.

Listen here to one of our Australian client’s journey with NeurOptimal®  Brain Training

Our Neurofeedback
NDIS Package

  • We provide a 3-month rental package through NDIS funding which includes unlimited sessions and support to ensure you are operating the system correctly and noticing the benefits. Everything you need is delivered right to your door, regardless of where you live.
  • With guided setup taking just a few moments, you can be training within 10 minutes of receiving the package. We liaise with your NDIS key contacts and provide reports as needed based on tracking changes tools. The cost is $4,400 for 3 months.

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Q and A for NDIS Participants

Yes, you can access your NDIS funding for Neurofeedback Brain Training using NeurOptimal®. In fact, we have trained hundreds of clients throughout Australia under NDIS. It is simple as making a phone call and we can get you started.

Everyone can train with this system! No age barriers or disabilities impact your ability to train. Anyone who wants to improve their focus, and confidence, and experience greater calm, mental acuity and performance, can use this system whilst also supporting you to manage stress and other symptoms. NeurOptimal® is designed to optimise your well-being.

Yes, you can and in fact, we encourage NDIS participants to train at home using our Neurofeedback system. It is much more convenient and you can train in your own time without the pressures of travel and making appointments. We send the system to your home as part of our three-month rental program. Training at home also means significant savings compared with in-office sessions.

Most people are training within 10-15 minutes of receiving their rental system in the mail. Yes, it is that easy and it usually only takes a few minutes to set up. Only one button to press to start the program and it has easy sensor placement. We provide full instructions including a video and support over the phone.

All of the equipment and supplies needed to do neurofeedback training at home, including the computer, zamp, sensors, cables and conductive paste. Headphones are not required, but you are welcome to use your own earbuds and headphones, including Bluetooth headphones.

Yes! The NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Trainer does not require you to place your attention on the training screen in order to run a successful session.  The feedback comes primarily through interruptions in the music/audio. You can read, sleep, meditate, whatever you feel inclined to do.

A training session goes for 33 minutes and will stop automatically. There are no hard and fast rules about how often you should train. Some people train daily, some every few days and others less or more regularly. We encourage you to listen to what you need. 

NeurOptimal® is 100% safe and non-invasive and does not push the brain in any “direction” during training. It just provides information to your brain and your brain decides what to do. Your brain naturally learns how to best operate with feedback. It does not create side effects.